Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Job 37:7

He makes it impossible to do anything so that people will recognise His work.

Almighty God in Jesus name, thank You for Isaac Newtons discovery in 1672, the colour notation explanation of the rainbow,"ROY G BIV", the result from experiments dividing white light into the colour spectrum with a prism... that light could be split into seven colours.

we pray for dreams like in the story of Dimitri Mendeleev; the Russian scientist who discovered the periodic Table... in his dream the elements rearranged themselves in a coherent order finding their places on the Table. He saw something, You, LORD GOD must have showed him something, as he left gaps in his table for yet undiscovered elements, that were discovered past his future and now the Table is complete... he saw something.

HolySpirit come...Abba Father in Yeshuas name , in all things good or bad we can only say thank You, all to Your glory. Thank You for the coronavirus; where it looks like it has done its worst... innocent people dying prematurely; despair; hopelessness; loss of livelihoods; fear; confusion... but You GOD are not a GOD of fear nor confusion. We thank You, we trust You GOD, as You have a plan, like You had a plan when Jesus was crucified on the cross... remind creation of Your power... show Yourself... let Your Kingdom come to a particular group of in Singapore. Let them dream and see a working vaccine. Thank You for the Christians who are scientists in Singapore. Give them a dream that unlocks and undocks this virus. Father in Jesus name thank You for the Spirit of excellency...wisdom and the fear of You, rearrange and sequence the letters…open their eyes to see the real and effective vaccine. We hold Singapore up…begging, Abba Father in Jesus name for a divine intervention for this affordable vaccine to be herald forth…a breakthrough. Let the mountain bow; beholding the beauty of Jesus. 

Thy KINGDOM come...to Your glory alone...thwart the plans of the enemy in Jesus name