Tuesday, 14 April 2020


Father thank You that You alone are God. Thank You for wisdom and understanding; help us Father to discern this time properly…Revival over cups of tea/coffee/cocoa...as Families in homes across the nations of the earth pray for individuals who don't know You, Jesus, as LORD and Saviour...Abba as they draw their last breaths in this land of the living we pray in faith believing You will hear them as they call on Your mercy to rescue them ...the thief at the cross called on You...Jesus, remember me when You come in Your kingdom; You answered him alone at the cross, alone with You in Intensive Care Units, in ambulances, hospital wards, care homes or at home surrounded with family...what is man that You are mindful off...You Love us so much that Your only son Jesus died so many may live.

Thank You for the wealthy nations that have offered bailout packages to its industry/citizens, thank You for the poor countries who are bracing themselves as the rich suffer so will these economies….thank You for prayer that is not exclusive to anybody but everyone who believes in You can cry to You Abba Father. You see the intentions of everyman even before our mouths open...who is man that You are mindful of….we pray for people who really don't know You/ never heard of You Jesus...over our hot conversations, hot teas/coffees/cocoa cups, we rise prayer in unity to You for the lone unsaved ones out there, alone not knowing what to do behind closed doors...Father like Saul on his way to Damascus You meet him...we pray believing that You will suddenly let Your light from heaven and appear before/around them.. alone with You HolySpirit let them hear Your voice and acknowledge Your God alone/Your Jesus and they are not alone

...airports closed, international/local ..no flights…we Arise in the authority of Jesus Christ and regain Godly spiritual power/ air supremacy and continue waiting in the Light, sowing seeds of hope/LOVE/salvation in the dark...behind closed doors…in communities…in family homes in nations that belong to You GOD...we pray for a release from mental/ psychological/ physical jails of "Pauls and Silas", as this prison gate of global lockdowns lift...these seedlings planted in the dark, sprouting ...ready for the more...will knock on our doors as Paul and Silas did ..fearless we believe that You Abba can do it again You did for the disciples when You unveiled them from the upperroom and over 3000 people believed in You Jesus...this is one city in Cambridgeshire/England...Father, You’re Guardian-redeemer of our families/communities/countries, You have Your faithful in different cities all over the globe in Your wisdom and to Your Glory, reAwaken us...Your harvest is ready Jesus prepare Your labourers at this time to be ready to bring in the sheaves, behind closed doors.

Guardian-redeemer of our Family/
Ruths Note 2020

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