Tuesday, 21 April 2020


HAppy Mothers DAY
Father God, keep all the women in the Frontline ...we pray especially4 medical personnel /police/ army/ firefighters /journalists, domestic engineers/drivers/supermarket tellers...
Thank You for their sacrifices and service.
we are all too aware of the dangers these LOVED one’s face.
Thank You for their hard work guard their going out/coming in.
Give Your angels charge concerning them, to guard them in all their ways. Show Yourself strong on their behalf/be their refuge/ fortress.
we ask for discernment on their behalf, especially now as they face this complex situation and must make snap decisions.
Give them Your wisdom Abba LORD,
And help them in their moment of need to make timely
and wise decisions, In Jesus,
we Pray for their Families and Loved ones.
LORD, have mercy on those who must wait/trust
and hope every time these Women go to work
Asking for emotional protection and recovery
In You HolySpirit, in Jesus Name
Psalm 121:8/Psalm 91:11
The Queen's sit at the forefront
Her princess’s/princess's in tow
Graced with a supernatural ability to view her babies lives, on her knees, in Prayers, she petition's God to intervene
Into their physical, spiritual and psychological lives.
Daughters of Eve, a golden spoon in Your mouth but schooled in the concrete jungle of life,
blessed and furnished with wisdom
birthed inside the golden reeds of Gods Glory
glimmer/shine for His day awaited You
Favoured amongst women
woMAN, God's delight
Project your eternity.

Happiness engulfs You Mother[s] To-day. 

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