Tuesday, 21 April 2020


Lockdown but not locked up
Nature still living LOUD
 the birds of the air worry not 
what they will eat nor where they nest... 
Abba Father in heaven knows...
the tiny wren discovers a hidden nest
 inside, the garden courtyards of the KING. 
LockDown, yet still Living. 

Biodiversity sHOUTing Psalm 150, 
Louder and LOUDER than ever, with every breath, 
… all living things praise You, ADANOI.
Replenishing, multiplying, the tree branches LookUP, 
stretching/endeavouring to reach out to Your Glory.
Declaring 'there is none like You God, 
our Creator, GOD of all the universe'

They live Loud and louder before You Jesus.
Author and Finisher of faith,
the Glory of the Father, Jesus
now and forever.

p.s oud is one of the most expensive
  and desirable perfume ingredients in the world
Ruths Note/2020

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