Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Kingdom Invasion

Locked/slowed down…
The challenge for a Generation
Paris/London/Rome/Madrid/New York
deserted streets...unlike the enemy the Spirit of the LORD...
travels back and forth
Raising a standard... A spiritual census
The entire world is silent before God,
God of gods. 

Man where are You? 

Come blow in our gardens
The reason You created man...shutting everything down.
Men have lost lives...the pressing/the spices Your fragrance...
In our altars come
Come HolySpirit lets us eat abundantly from You
in our private gardens in our enclosed walls
In our homes...Your altar rebuild
In our communities, we wail on our walls
Mercy LORD…forgive us, Abba in Jesus
Let our prayers be that sweet fragrance...accept our burnt offerings...
forgive us where we have burnt strange offerings in Your altar Father,
where we have stolen/adorned ourselves with Your Glory
Forgive and relent. 

Remember the Blood...Remember Your promises
where we /I said we did this/this is my doing
see/hear…look down on the affairs of men
we lay our offerings/supplication to You openly as Families,
no longer in secret; send Your fire from heaven
Like in that day of Elijah...let
Your Fire not only consume us in every household across the earth.
Your Fire...this plague/this virus...
You on every altar...Abba
Rekindle Love, draw me unto You
And we will run after thee
Forgive for Jesus sake
John 3:16/Genesis 3:9
#RuthsNote /Kingdom Invasion

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