Tuesday, 21 April 2020


I have engraved you in the palms of my hand...
There are no black/white lines, [enclaves], in heaven
...heaven is for everybody...

After the 40 days of the Global Jesus fast, a renewed hunger was ignited and acquired a discipline for 'these upper room moments'. So after this morning outdoor devotion with HolySpirit, as I explored this enclosed playing "open" field, stopped and started to inspect some trees as something shiny had caught my eye, which turned out to be a silver badge. This is of interest to me as I have some experience of what these badges represent. I like trees and the badges signify that particular trees have a preservation order, as the markers identify a tree as protected. The protection could be either at a local level may be for historical purposes such as the celebration of a key monarch etc. Regional or national protection could probably apply either because of the rarity is the tree species and classed as endangered which could make it protected under both European and International law.

Right across the United Kingdom in many parks or churchyards, a handful of trees are identified as veteran trees, which are over 100 years old. The silver badges on trees contain a series of numbers issued by specialised government independent groups but affiliated to local wildlife groups/neighbourhood associations or local councils. The serial numbers are links to e-data that store vital information about the tree such as the day it was planted/its species or historical records of the type of maintenance work particular trees enjoyed over the years. They record if the trees are inhabited by protected wildlife. As the trees are protected they cannot be cut down unless with special legal permission. 

In many Ethnic cultures, trees are revered as they are seen of some importance to communities. Especially in bygone old ritualistic cultures, people could tell their age by seasonality, for example, the time of year trees budded or when abscission occurred. I enjoy biodiversity tremendously, a tree hugger and as I carefully inspected this tree, I know it was HolySpirit who put this thought into my heart/ mind... how the nails and metal plaques were inserted into the trees. Felt a bit nippy and zipped my coat. Overcame by grief as I pictured how the nails went through Jesus' flesh, to get to the wooden cross. My calf muscles got weak, slumbered on the tree, chest first …

but this was different, my chest on the tree trunk, for a few minutes just after dawn this morning. I pictured the nails and dared to imagine the pain that Jesus felt...as He had laid down his God nature. He was a man who walked on this earth just like the two thieves, both with different destinies but on Yeshua's storyline... as an early bird when I leave the house I do not drink or take any water on my walk, so my mouth gets dry...and I was a bit thirsty... maybe like Jesus on His way to calvary/from the time His ordeal started to his crucifixion...the beatings He endured,  His human nature....a man.

If You have ever seen a mob justice in Africa when a thief is caught, the suspected thief cries to get peoples attention so they can intervene to help or call the police on his behalf as his life stands on edge. In sleuth precision, local residents gather the ingredients [a car tyre, petrol and matches] to administer quick lethal justice. As a teenager, I witnessed this horrific incident coming from school but I did not hang around to see the actual burning but my friend narrated by the time the police arrived they took away a charred dead body.....

The bible says Yeshua was unrecognizable from the horrific beatings He endured, His body on fire from excruciating pain...probably in shock/His mind-numbed by His bodies` pain. He was pinned down on a cross, as the nails went through His flesh...I can speak for myself I scream when prickly minute things scratch any part of my body, [not downplaying the pandemic to what is happening in the world at the moment]. The thought of cold metal, long nails tearing into His palm…the length of time the nail took to get through the front of His palm to the back of His hand. He must have been screaming as each individual nail went through his flesh into the wooden cross. Muscle and iron, tendon and iron, the cross was lifted up and He hung on a tree, up...Looking for Abba…Abba...

Standing under this family of trees today, could not figure out what species of trees they were... but I know Yeshua was from Nazareth, He was born of a woman just like me, and only the blood of the perfect Lamb of God could atone for the sins of humankind...not bulls blood...not a clique; but a son of God, He humbled Himself to the very end as a weak man, bound around flesh which was hung on a tree. I desperately fought my tears desperately gripping to this one tree thinking "Holy Spirit Abba Father in Jesus name show me how to navigate and stay faithful on this road of faith/trust/salvation...how an excellent, BIG BIG God, God of gods steps out of His highest heavens...to meet a man like you and I... paid for by blood... The nature of Jesus', GOD His DNA ...

By the end of this day, the sun will set and the starry hosts will appear, as we lift up the everlasting doors ... as they lift ... Corvus cacophonous sounds, interrupting my thoughts ... will all flesh be at awe in adoration or in fear as we ALL will have to declare He is KING of Glory...I sit in anticipation, glaring at the fast-approaching Pentecost in expectation of the LORD strong and mighty in desire and longing for HolySpirit, KING of Glory come. As our heads are lifted in anticipation... how will each of us look/see Jesus ... there will be no lines/no affiliations/no white/ no chinese/ no black or other... will we all see Him as Mashiach,[Messiah].

With this newly acquired revelation, this light makes me search my heart, sending an SOS distress to HolySpirit to search deeper, the deepest parts of my soul, to prepare the spirit man in me not to miss HolySpirit full measure, this coming wave of JesusGods fire... for my eyes to open and see my spiritual brothers/sisters as sons, not tribes or languages... oh search my heart HolySpirit and lead me into the paths of Your righteousness in Yeshua's name to the Glory of the Father.
Ruths 3Note/UpperRoom

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