Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Abba Father, we pray for the third world developing countries, places where people live with very little…no medical/ no financial security/ fear of political wars /curfews…lack of bare necessities in life. Thank You, God, for every big/small blessing; good or bad we choose to believe You. Father in Jesus name let Your Presence be felt by everyone especially at this time...reveal Yourself to those who know of You or those that do not know You...You have done it before we believe You can do it again, to Your Glory and praise

Social distancing….full circle…had an Africa experience.....will I pay my rent or flee from my landlord…taking refuge under my bed, scared out of my wits...but learnt to pray...how to call on God...Life/living in Kenya at one point poorer than a church mouse... trying to make 50 pence last a week ...carried a jerry can of water at all times because I could not afford to eat buy food for months on end. will we eat or buy tissue paper or go to church...praying for a miracle. Discovered the use of aqua and how to recycle newspapers soaked in water to wipe my backside after a number 2...will I pay my rent or flee from my landlord…taking refuge under my bed, scared/afraid in the dark, learned to turn that fear into trusting You ...learnt to call You God…

Distancing socially...could not move/ rave /party 247/ abuse alcohol /drugs…lived like the world owed me something...had left God somewhere thinking I did not need him. When you lose everything...sipping bootleg because you cannot afford to be sick...who will come to identify you if something happens...no money...where is family? HolySpirit closing in, rerouting you. You declutter and discover Gods Secret Place where you prostate nose first before GOD of gods. Discovering how great He is and what it cost at the cross, who is Jesus... Father forgive me for I did not know what I was doing ...nevertheless...Your will be done

How do you practice social distancing when you are living 8 people in a room?
From the fruit of their lips, People are filled with good things,
Proverbs 12:14
#RuthsNote 2020/Social Distancing