Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Job 37:7

He makes it impossible to do anything so that people will recognise His work.

Almighty God in Jesus name, thank You for Isaac Newtons discovery in 1672, the colour notation explanation of the rainbow,"ROY G BIV", the result from experiments dividing white light into the colour spectrum with a prism... that light could be split into seven colours.

we pray for dreams like in the story of Dimitri Mendeleev; the Russian scientist who discovered the periodic Table... in his dream the elements rearranged themselves in a coherent order finding their places on the Table. He saw something, You, LORD GOD must have showed him something, as he left gaps in his table for yet undiscovered elements, that were discovered past his future and now the Table is complete... he saw something.

HolySpirit come...Abba Father in Yeshuas name , in all things good or bad we can only say thank You, all to Your glory. Thank You for the coronavirus; where it looks like it has done its worst... innocent people dying prematurely; despair; hopelessness; loss of livelihoods; fear; confusion... but You GOD are not a GOD of fear nor confusion. We thank You, we trust You GOD, as You have a plan, like You had a plan when Jesus was crucified on the cross... remind creation of Your power... show Yourself... let Your Kingdom come to a particular group of in Singapore. Let them dream and see a working vaccine. Thank You for the Christians who are scientists in Singapore. Give them a dream that unlocks and undocks this virus. Father in Jesus name thank You for the Spirit of excellency...wisdom and the fear of You, rearrange and sequence the letters…open their eyes to see the real and effective vaccine. We hold Singapore up…begging, Abba Father in Jesus name for a divine intervention for this affordable vaccine to be herald forth…a breakthrough. Let the mountain bow; beholding the beauty of Jesus. 

Thy KINGDOM come...to Your glory alone...thwart the plans of the enemy in Jesus name


Sunday, 13 September 2020

A blue and white prayer shawl that becomes the flag of one of the most influential countries in history. Israel is a land rich in factual history and the Jewish people can trace their connection to this land not only from stories in the bible but from other people’s cultures across the continents of the earth. The most important point of reference is that the God of gods, GOD of the universe, calls them His and Jesus, His Son is of Jewish descent. Yes, the penny did drop, and I know the bible talks about the genealogy of Jesus that His mother was a Hebrew woman. As I read the chapters of the book, the revelation of His heritage, His mother Miriam [Mary], must have spoken Hebrew and surely, she must have called Him Yeshua. My spiritual blindside unlocked, I thought I knew but must have been ignorant to this truth that is over 3000 years old, Joseph and Mary are Israelis who spoke Hebrew. I felt compelled to read the story in Matthew 15 and the story of Ruth, and these timelines merged and saw a snippet of God's plan for us in His firstborn Nation, Israel, that Hope given by God through the Messiah, Yeshua.

On pain and anguish, the descendants of Abraham have suffered but God has kept them through thick and thin. Suffering is not limited to a few people, but millions of lives have been lost from these people’s groups. Entire generations have been killed/murdered, families losing everything, and it seems more than likely a spiritual force protects them. Still, they hope, and one can wonder if this hope is divinely placed within their bodies/frame by God who has a marvellous plan for each one of them individually. It can be said Jewish people have supernatural endurance, a will to keep moving as a nation their military might is off the scale, that is unexplainable. How else can one fathom or explain their survival and exponential growth both numerically and financially.

Data is key for every scientific experiment and the book explores many different achievements by many different generations of Jewish people from all spheres of life, their significant contributions to humanity. Some of whom I have never read or heard about but are real as the people whose stories we read within the pages of the bible. People compelled within themselves for their ancestral homeland. Some stirred by a deep yearning for a revelation by HolySpirit and discovering their connection to Yeshua. The importance of this identity not only to them but to a believer like myself saved by grace and invited to the table because God wants to stir within His own a longing, a jealousy that draws them closer to Himself. The role and privilege given to us in Romans 11 [1- 36], as partakers of their divine grace.

The road back to Jerusalem for the Jewish people has been extremely difficult. They have been misunderstood over the centuries. Yet again the truth of Yeshua has been trickling back into their hearts through the working of HolySpirit. We must trust the wisdom of God to reveal Yeshua as the promised King whom they await and is also the Son of their God who is our God. How do we pray and love them and at the same time have the tenacity to stand with them either by encouraging them to make aliyah back to Israel. It sounds absurd thinking about their past suffering, what is to come, but yet again they will have to flee in fear away from Israel in the last days according to scripture due to persecution.

In conclusion, this book needs to be read at least twice to comprehend its fullness. The importance of the narrative in this prophetic timeline. How the Jewish people are imperative to the return of King Jesus. The importance of their zeal as a catalyst in widespread of the gospel to the nations from Jerusalem. Personally, looking at the books of Acts and Hebrews 11[22-23], with new understanding, as part of a "come away" with the LORD. My heart continues to overflow with love for them as God desires and loves the Israelites. I resign myself to HolySpirit as some concepts in the book I don't fully grasp. But what I know is to continue supporting them financially/spiritually by either praying for them as others before me did, knowing their God is my GOD.

Tuesday, 21 April 2020


HAppy Mothers DAY
Father God, keep all the women in the Frontline ...we pray especially4 medical personnel /police/ army/ firefighters /journalists, domestic engineers/drivers/supermarket tellers...
Thank You for their sacrifices and service.
we are all too aware of the dangers these LOVED one’s face.
Thank You for their hard work guard their going out/coming in.
Give Your angels charge concerning them, to guard them in all their ways. Show Yourself strong on their behalf/be their refuge/ fortress.
we ask for discernment on their behalf, especially now as they face this complex situation and must make snap decisions.
Give them Your wisdom Abba LORD,
And help them in their moment of need to make timely
and wise decisions, In Jesus,
we Pray for their Families and Loved ones.
LORD, have mercy on those who must wait/trust
and hope every time these Women go to work
Asking for emotional protection and recovery
In You HolySpirit, in Jesus Name
Psalm 121:8/Psalm 91:11
The Queen's sit at the forefront
Her princess’s/princess's in tow
Graced with a supernatural ability to view her babies lives, on her knees, in Prayers, she petition's God to intervene
Into their physical, spiritual and psychological lives.
Daughters of Eve, a golden spoon in Your mouth but schooled in the concrete jungle of life,
blessed and furnished with wisdom
birthed inside the golden reeds of Gods Glory
glimmer/shine for His day awaited You
Favoured amongst women
woMAN, God's delight
Project your eternity.

Happiness engulfs You Mother[s] To-day. 


Daylight Saving Time in Israel, Wednesday in Iran, 4 different time zones, the Middle East /Transcontinental Region with different start/ending times…but You oh God You are the same 24:7/ 365 days.

multiple time zones in Australia/the United States; six different time zones in Africa…this morning in Hawaii... 4 in the afternoon in Japan.

From the rising of the sun on the earth on one side its sets and rises on the other… seasons change…long days/short days no sun...scorching sun...tropical rainforests/monsoon rains to dry hot deserts/freezing nights...Antarctic winters, of 24hrs of total darkness…midnight sun, the sun never sets, Yesterday…or is it today to tomorrow...forever Your throne was before the sun. Your Kingdom established…a heavenly language You breathed into us before You placed us in my father in our mother's womb…a discovery of You. At sunset dawn chorus as we speak heavenly languages in song, languages in sync with creation, our Father, Creator, Saviour, Spirit...Creator...Saviour...Spirit

In unison in different time zones…in different landmasses.

to the Omnipresent God…YAHWEH...the earth hears Your heirs, the voices of the sons of GOD...this time yesterday, today/forever...the universe knows You, our Father is KING of kings. Take Your place, Father, ake ur place, Jesus, take ur place HolySpirit…

Kingdom Invasion

Locked/slowed down…
The challenge for a Generation
Paris/London/Rome/Madrid/New York
deserted streets...unlike the enemy the Spirit of the LORD...
travels back and forth
Raising a standard... A spiritual census
The entire world is silent before God,
God of gods. 

Man where are You? 

Come blow in our gardens
The reason You created man...shutting everything down.
Men have lost lives...the pressing/the spices Your fragrance...
In our altars come
Come HolySpirit lets us eat abundantly from You
in our private gardens in our enclosed walls
In our homes...Your altar rebuild
In our communities, we wail on our walls
Mercy LORD…forgive us, Abba in Jesus
Let our prayers be that sweet fragrance...accept our burnt offerings...
forgive us where we have burnt strange offerings in Your altar Father,
where we have stolen/adorned ourselves with Your Glory
Forgive and relent. 

Remember the Blood...Remember Your promises
where we /I said we did this/this is my doing
see/hear…look down on the affairs of men
we lay our offerings/supplication to You openly as Families,
no longer in secret; send Your fire from heaven
Like in that day of Elijah...let
Your Fire not only consume us in every household across the earth.
Your Fire...this plague/this virus...
You on every altar...Abba
Rekindle Love, draw me unto You
And we will run after thee
Forgive for Jesus sake
John 3:16/Genesis 3:9
#RuthsNote /Kingdom Invasion


Lockdown but not locked up
Nature still living LOUD
 the birds of the air worry not 
what they will eat nor where they nest... 
Abba Father in heaven knows...
the tiny wren discovers a hidden nest
 inside, the garden courtyards of the KING. 
LockDown, yet still Living. 

Biodiversity sHOUTing Psalm 150, 
Louder and LOUDER than ever, with every breath, 
… all living things praise You, ADANOI.
Replenishing, multiplying, the tree branches LookUP, 
stretching/endeavouring to reach out to Your Glory.
Declaring 'there is none like You God, 
our Creator, GOD of all the universe'

They live Loud and louder before You Jesus.
Author and Finisher of faith,
the Glory of the Father, Jesus
now and forever.

p.s oud is one of the most expensive
  and desirable perfume ingredients in the world
Ruths Note/2020


I have engraved you in the palms of my hand...
There are no black/white lines, [enclaves], in heaven
...heaven is for everybody...

After the 40 days of the Global Jesus fast, a renewed hunger was ignited and acquired a discipline for 'these upper room moments'. So after this morning outdoor devotion with HolySpirit, as I explored this enclosed playing "open" field, stopped and started to inspect some trees as something shiny had caught my eye, which turned out to be a silver badge. This is of interest to me as I have some experience of what these badges represent. I like trees and the badges signify that particular trees have a preservation order, as the markers identify a tree as protected. The protection could be either at a local level may be for historical purposes such as the celebration of a key monarch etc. Regional or national protection could probably apply either because of the rarity is the tree species and classed as endangered which could make it protected under both European and International law.

Right across the United Kingdom in many parks or churchyards, a handful of trees are identified as veteran trees, which are over 100 years old. The silver badges on trees contain a series of numbers issued by specialised government independent groups but affiliated to local wildlife groups/neighbourhood associations or local councils. The serial numbers are links to e-data that store vital information about the tree such as the day it was planted/its species or historical records of the type of maintenance work particular trees enjoyed over the years. They record if the trees are inhabited by protected wildlife. As the trees are protected they cannot be cut down unless with special legal permission. 

In many Ethnic cultures, trees are revered as they are seen of some importance to communities. Especially in bygone old ritualistic cultures, people could tell their age by seasonality, for example, the time of year trees budded or when abscission occurred. I enjoy biodiversity tremendously, a tree hugger and as I carefully inspected this tree, I know it was HolySpirit who put this thought into my heart/ mind... how the nails and metal plaques were inserted into the trees. Felt a bit nippy and zipped my coat. Overcame by grief as I pictured how the nails went through Jesus' flesh, to get to the wooden cross. My calf muscles got weak, slumbered on the tree, chest first …

but this was different, my chest on the tree trunk, for a few minutes just after dawn this morning. I pictured the nails and dared to imagine the pain that Jesus felt...as He had laid down his God nature. He was a man who walked on this earth just like the two thieves, both with different destinies but on Yeshua's storyline... as an early bird when I leave the house I do not drink or take any water on my walk, so my mouth gets dry...and I was a bit thirsty... maybe like Jesus on His way to calvary/from the time His ordeal started to his crucifixion...the beatings He endured,  His human nature....a man.

If You have ever seen a mob justice in Africa when a thief is caught, the suspected thief cries to get peoples attention so they can intervene to help or call the police on his behalf as his life stands on edge. In sleuth precision, local residents gather the ingredients [a car tyre, petrol and matches] to administer quick lethal justice. As a teenager, I witnessed this horrific incident coming from school but I did not hang around to see the actual burning but my friend narrated by the time the police arrived they took away a charred dead body.....

The bible says Yeshua was unrecognizable from the horrific beatings He endured, His body on fire from excruciating pain...probably in shock/His mind-numbed by His bodies` pain. He was pinned down on a cross, as the nails went through His flesh...I can speak for myself I scream when prickly minute things scratch any part of my body, [not downplaying the pandemic to what is happening in the world at the moment]. The thought of cold metal, long nails tearing into His palm…the length of time the nail took to get through the front of His palm to the back of His hand. He must have been screaming as each individual nail went through his flesh into the wooden cross. Muscle and iron, tendon and iron, the cross was lifted up and He hung on a tree, up...Looking for Abba…Abba...

Standing under this family of trees today, could not figure out what species of trees they were... but I know Yeshua was from Nazareth, He was born of a woman just like me, and only the blood of the perfect Lamb of God could atone for the sins of humankind...not bulls blood...not a clique; but a son of God, He humbled Himself to the very end as a weak man, bound around flesh which was hung on a tree. I desperately fought my tears desperately gripping to this one tree thinking "Holy Spirit Abba Father in Jesus name show me how to navigate and stay faithful on this road of faith/trust/salvation...how an excellent, BIG BIG God, God of gods steps out of His highest heavens...to meet a man like you and I... paid for by blood... The nature of Jesus', GOD His DNA ...

By the end of this day, the sun will set and the starry hosts will appear, as we lift up the everlasting doors ... as they lift ... Corvus cacophonous sounds, interrupting my thoughts ... will all flesh be at awe in adoration or in fear as we ALL will have to declare He is KING of Glory...I sit in anticipation, glaring at the fast-approaching Pentecost in expectation of the LORD strong and mighty in desire and longing for HolySpirit, KING of Glory come. As our heads are lifted in anticipation... how will each of us look/see Jesus ... there will be no lines/no affiliations/no white/ no chinese/ no black or other... will we all see Him as Mashiach,[Messiah].

With this newly acquired revelation, this light makes me search my heart, sending an SOS distress to HolySpirit to search deeper, the deepest parts of my soul, to prepare the spirit man in me not to miss HolySpirit full measure, this coming wave of JesusGods fire... for my eyes to open and see my spiritual brothers/sisters as sons, not tribes or languages... oh search my heart HolySpirit and lead me into the paths of Your righteousness in Yeshua's name to the Glory of the Father.
Ruths 3Note/UpperRoom

Tuesday, 14 April 2020


Father thank You that You alone are God. Thank You for wisdom and understanding; help us Father to discern this time properly…Revival over cups of tea/coffee/cocoa...as Families in homes across the nations of the earth pray for individuals who don't know You, Jesus, as LORD and Saviour...Abba as they draw their last breaths in this land of the living we pray in faith believing You will hear them as they call on Your mercy to rescue them ...the thief at the cross called on You...Jesus, remember me when You come in Your kingdom; You answered him alone at the cross, alone with You in Intensive Care Units, in ambulances, hospital wards, care homes or at home surrounded with family...what is man that You are mindful off...You Love us so much that Your only son Jesus died so many may live.

Thank You for the wealthy nations that have offered bailout packages to its industry/citizens, thank You for the poor countries who are bracing themselves as the rich suffer so will these economies….thank You for prayer that is not exclusive to anybody but everyone who believes in You can cry to You Abba Father. You see the intentions of everyman even before our mouths open...who is man that You are mindful of….we pray for people who really don't know You/ never heard of You Jesus...over our hot conversations, hot teas/coffees/cocoa cups, we rise prayer in unity to You for the lone unsaved ones out there, alone not knowing what to do behind closed doors...Father like Saul on his way to Damascus You meet him...we pray believing that You will suddenly let Your light from heaven and appear before/around them.. alone with You HolySpirit let them hear Your voice and acknowledge Your God alone/Your Jesus and they are not alone

...airports closed, international/local ..no flights…we Arise in the authority of Jesus Christ and regain Godly spiritual power/ air supremacy and continue waiting in the Light, sowing seeds of hope/LOVE/salvation in the dark...behind closed doors…in communities…in family homes in nations that belong to You GOD...we pray for a release from mental/ psychological/ physical jails of "Pauls and Silas", as this prison gate of global lockdowns lift...these seedlings planted in the dark, sprouting ...ready for the more...will knock on our doors as Paul and Silas did ..fearless we believe that You Abba can do it again You did for the disciples when You unveiled them from the upperroom and over 3000 people believed in You Jesus...this is one city in Cambridgeshire/England...Father, You’re Guardian-redeemer of our families/communities/countries, You have Your faithful in different cities all over the globe in Your wisdom and to Your Glory, reAwaken us...Your harvest is ready Jesus prepare Your labourers at this time to be ready to bring in the sheaves, behind closed doors.

Guardian-redeemer of our Family/
Ruths Note 2020

Sunday, 12 April 2020

YaY! yoU Have Reason To Celebrate Today
PRAY: “Father, You know everything about me - my strengths, weaknesses and everything in - between. Right now I give it all to You. Pour out Your strengths in the areas where I am weak. Help me to keep my eyes on You... and boldly step out and be everything You created me to be. In Jesus` name, Amen”


Over to New Roads, making sixteen Limes into lemonade... the LORD is more Majestic Everyday SALEM... packed/ prepared and already in the process of moving, the house I leave behind is called “The ARK”, my big Mama/big sister Diana commissioned a wooden plague with the name, ARK that hung proudly on a wall at the front of the house. Due to weathering, it broke into two; not surprised as it had endured over the years all kinds of weather. It laid on the lawn for nearly year and one cold winters day in January 2020, it caught my eye as it balanced delicately on icy grass tips, frozen, as I passed, perceived HolySprit whispering in my heart...the ARK has settled at the mountains of Ararat! send the raven, see if there is Land…Now send the dove. Healing on His wings...but before this point let me merge two lines together so we can have the full canvass. The full picture before us…

Mid-last year, 2019, I had the most bizarre dream that I had been invited to An Exhibition of the World... and I thought it was because I desired to go to the United Arab Emirates for Expo 2020, that was to be hosted in Dubai originally planned to open on October 20/2020… but in my dream, I was in some sort of underground cave parking, the continents of the world were all on this rock and set on pillars, they looked so gigantic and there was a red ribbon-like the ones in museums where the art on the wall separates the viewing public. This being as I cannot describe him, without the exchange of words asked for my invitation at the entrance. All over a sudden, the ticket was in my hand. There was no one else but in silence with the wind blowing gently but it felt like we were in the depths of the earth….

Got so excited as I saw Africa, thinking of the many times I had looked at geographical maps of the continent, hung up, per se... the exhibition of the world… overcame by a certain urge to want to touch it. This would have required me crossing the red ribbon...looking up at  Africa, it looked so real; it seemed as if I could see what was actually happening all over the continent at the same time ...without us speaking I understood I was not allowed to cross the red ribbon. Started praying to wake up as I knew it was a dream, calling on HolySpirit on God In Jesus... peace came all over me as we walked the distance of the continents, as it got darker was asked to look and saw these gigantic foundations with men who looked like tiny ants in comparison to the pillars but they busy trying to scrub the foundations...ants next to a giant oak tree...we got to the end of the exhibition, the beginning and on the same wall, the same spot, in front of me a different continent. Asked for a ticket and it appeared again in my hand. This time I started crying asking God what He was trying to say.

I share all my dreams with my two dads and they agreed to stand in prayer ...in a conversation, with dad ADenis we talked about looking at global maps of migratory birds/ flight paths of planes and it seemed like a deja vu as I remember all the pathways into the countries even into the remote places that I have never gone or seen/ all these places belonged to God. He created them every nook and cranny, [for the Kingdoms belong to the LORD, And He rules over the nations/Psalm 22:28]...the flight paths looked like HolySpirit but in form of a dove of Light with healing in His wings.

In the last few weeks, we have listened to how scientists have modelled and projected the impacts of  CV-19, how it has spread to the population; how countries are anticipating the rate of infection to raise and flatten due to death and recovery rates. Mental/spiritual infection lingers in the air, Hope + Faith is required...felt a pressing from HolySpirit to step outside the ARK, in Faith imagine in my hands I held, a white dove, gently lifting my hands up, releasing the dove into the air ...letting it go...as it soared, spreading its wings, blazing into the sky, along its flight path[s], healing, Healing on/in His wings sending it to specific geographical locations.

Remember, for the LORD searcheth all hearts, and understandeth all the imaginations of the thoughts, [1 Chronicle 28:9].

During our Sunday family prayer meeting our normal way via the internet, as the three of us caught up in three different locations. Talked about releasing the doves as we spent time in the prayer room. But this time also I needed a confirmation from God... here we go. Ready, God has done amazing /wonderful things in my life and also for so many of us he has been Faithful, I believe we are all men like Elijah, like Jesus ...between 4:30 - 6:30 AM every day for a week ...release the Wings of healing ... send Your Dove to places You know they are in dire need of prayer/help, places like New York/ Italy, or Fiji Islands... or where the heart of God is leading You too...Kitengela2Guatemala ...Let us see how far we can go/ believing we are not just seeing the sky but the edges of the universe…if You don't have outside space, don't worry FAITH...is the evidence of things, so Your windows /front or back doors or on Your knees Faith is...see HolySpirit ...these things are given to us….

So that day in early January 2020 released a raven, then a dove that came back ..and now we release healing on His wings...Malachi 4:2...but unto You that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in His wings. Happy Easter Monday. What do You see, God speaking to Abraham. 
#sHop/RuthsNote 2020

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Abba Father, we pray for the third world developing countries, places where people live with very little…no medical/ no financial security/ fear of political wars /curfews…lack of bare necessities in life. Thank You, God, for every big/small blessing; good or bad we choose to believe You. Father in Jesus name let Your Presence be felt by everyone especially at this time...reveal Yourself to those who know of You or those that do not know You...You have done it before we believe You can do it again, to Your Glory and praise

Social distancing….full circle…had an Africa experience.....will I pay my rent or flee from my landlord…taking refuge under my bed, scared out of my wits...but learnt to pray...how to call on God...Life/living in Kenya at one point poorer than a church mouse... trying to make 50 pence last a week ...carried a jerry can of water at all times because I could not afford to eat buy food for months on end. will we eat or buy tissue paper or go to church...praying for a miracle. Discovered the use of aqua and how to recycle newspapers soaked in water to wipe my backside after a number 2...will I pay my rent or flee from my landlord…taking refuge under my bed, scared/afraid in the dark, learned to turn that fear into trusting You ...learnt to call You God…

Distancing socially...could not move/ rave /party 247/ abuse alcohol /drugs…lived like the world owed me something...had left God somewhere thinking I did not need him. When you lose everything...sipping bootleg because you cannot afford to be sick...who will come to identify you if something happens...no money...where is family? HolySpirit closing in, rerouting you. You declutter and discover Gods Secret Place where you prostate nose first before GOD of gods. Discovering how great He is and what it cost at the cross, who is Jesus... Father forgive me for I did not know what I was doing ...nevertheless...Your will be done

How do you practice social distancing when you are living 8 people in a room?
From the fruit of their lips, People are filled with good things,
Proverbs 12:14
#RuthsNote 2020/Social Distancing

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Who is like You Lord in all the earth?
Matchless love and beauty, endless worth
Nothing in this world can satisfy
'Cause Jesus You're the cup that won't run dry
Your presence is heaven to me
Oh God, Your presence is heaven to me
You are the treasure of my heart
Treasure of my heart and of my soul
In my weakness you are merciful
Redeemer of my past and present wrongs
Holder of my future days to come
Your presence is heaven to me
Your presence is heaven to me
God, Your presence is heaven to me
There's nothing like Your presence
Your presence is heaven to me
So we sing
Oh Jesus, oh Jesus
Your presence is heaven to me
Oh Jesus, oh Jesus
Your presence is heaven to me
Nothing like your presence
All my days on earth I will await
The moment that I see You face to face
Nothing in this world can satisfy
'Cause Jesus You're the cup that won't run dry
Nothing in this world can satisfy
Oh Jesus
'Cause Jesus You're the cup that won't run dry
Jesus You're the cup that won't run dry
Your presence is heaven to me
Your presence is heaven to me
Your presence is heaven to me
There's nothing like Your presence
There's nothing like Your presence
Your presence is heaven to me
To me
To me
Oh, to me
To me
To me
So we sing
Oh Jesus, oh Jesus
Your presence is heaven to me
Oh Jesus, oh Jesus
Your presence is heaven to me
With our hearts we sing
Oh Jesus, oh Jesus
Your presence is heaven to me
Oh Jesus, oh Jesus
Your presence is heaven to me
Your presence is heaven to me
Sing oh Jesus
Oh Jesus, oh Jesus
Your presence is heaven to me
Oh Jesus, oh Jesus
Your presence is heaven to me
Your presence is heaven to me
Your presence is heaven to me

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Israel Houghton / Micah Massey
Your Presence Is Heaven lyrics © Capitol Christian Music Group