Saturday, 23 November 2019

Bursts of Rain

ABBA Father in Jesus name
we thank You for Australia
thank You for the First Nation people; 
the Torres Strait Islanders; the Aboriginal's.
 we thank You for the power You have given us in Christ Jesus.
we thank You for the heat, the result of the hot temperatures
caused by burning bush fire's ablaze in most parts of Australia.
Probably the Earth calling out, in response to global warming.

Forgive us for not being good stewards of the biodiversity on this planet.
LORD, we have heard of Your Fame.
we know what You did at creation.
Renew Your work .....
Make Yourself Known [Habakkuk 3:2]

we speak to the elements as You did in the beginning,
Genesis 1:1-26...And God said/we say.....
Trade winds...
the depths of the Tropic's...
release the Madden Julian Oscillation phenomenon, 
clouds create heavy rainstorm's.
calling the Ocean currents into this precarious situation
Winds, and your directions
carry and spread Rain widely all over this island continent.

In all this chaos, LORD remember to be merciful.
And open the floodgates of heaven and Let it rain
both spiritual and physical rain,
 ABBA, we witnessed what You did before in February 2019
Do it Again, at this time let it fall heavily  again,
to Your Glory and Honour
In Jesus name Amen.

Genesis 1:1
Holy Spirit move we are ready for You to come and do what only You can do.

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