Wednesday, 16 October 2019

The Big Five

God created the beauty in the Nation of Kenya, its wildlife [fauna and flora], is globally renowned. The Nation has some amazing athletes who have achieved far beyond one could have dared to dream. I love cricket, I remember the first time I watched the game at Aga khan sports club [Nairobi] sitting with Martin Suji as the team practised. The players and the team went to achieve, not just for themselves but put Kenya up there with some of the greatest teams and names that played, the Golden Era of Kenya Cricket.

…..of course some stars shine brighter than others, I remember a young Maurice Odumbe who played outstandingly just for the love of the game. But seasons change and he fell out of grace and yes he made some pretty bad decisions that only he knows what have cost him as a man/father/brother. He walked in darkness for the longest time, but I believe in his nightmares God light shone. I have to give the guy credit as a recovering alcoholic/substance abuser. Glory to God…he is determined in the United Arab Emirates with the Kenya team.

…giving a shout to teams...asking everyone for BIG Five Minutes [BFM] in prayer. For God to strengthen teams, praying for coaches to be good role models to the young upcoming athlete’s. For Holy Spirit to give the entire team spiritual stamina not just to ball/bat but to ball/bat well.
We continue praying for families/friends/loved ones/Nations… to God of impossibility, who specialises in what wo/men term impossible. We pray for compassion for stars that stumble and fall hard. we ask for grace to be our brothers/sister/children/parents keepers….for loved ones to have ragged determination that they will not let go of God until He bless/changes, Nations/ Families/Generations in Jesus Name.