Sunday, 29 September 2019

Kisses From Heaven

After the STORM a quiet calm voice.

2020 [Year of GODs POWER]

Unite my heart with Your Name Forever. 

Bombard us with Mercy.

Reveal an Offensive Strategy, In the daylight in search of 

a GENERATION full of Courage
In the Night-time airdropping strategic Defensive


that Rescue a GENERATION.
Habakkuk 3:3-6/Psalm 86:8-17

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Donnie McClurkin - I Need You (Official Music Video)


About Your covenant/promise/ descendants... LORD

Hagar called out to You and You set a covenant between her seed, You; generation after generation. A woman, a slave, a mother in a wilderness of no hope. Beyond the physical,  with no escape; seeing the darkness, en route with no way out. Jesus.

The evil that lacks in darkness...poking on her seed...The God of my master, who was my Lord...Father to my child...I have served my king well, kept his laws: worshipped/prayed to You Eternal God ...who moved before time, moves time, sees it midway, barricades the evil...hemming me inside an envelope of faith with my seed... whimpering. In here needing You, groping the darkness that wants to fill a so numb. You promised Abraham, You blessed this seed…You swear by no other god...I never saw my lord bow down or sacrifice to another... Why favour me before Sarah....why allow this seed that belongs to Your friend Abraham grow to be a man child.... allowing Abraham to speak Your blessing to his child……silently sending him away... 

Is he blessed like one of the many stars You showed Abraham?
They want to milk a lioness. Look at this destiny that death wants to destroy...Father can You hear me...Your laughter turned into wailing...why allow him to live...death trying to give some set time...You breathed into him, You gave him to me.

...let me not see the death of the boy
I sit here, in no gods land but in You
weeping, drenching my heart to You
He looks at me,
 where he sits, on a far end of a destiny.
 He looks at me, seeking where You set him.
His Mama, a slave, in him a Prince,
  my voice to You 
Abba Father [Genesis 21:16]

Father do you hear me….in Your presence...who was Abraham

James 2:23
And the scripture was fulfilled which says,
Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him righteousness
And He was called a Friend of God.