Tuesday, 30 April 2019


It is Finished
As Your Blood Lord Jesus was running down Your body.
I stood at the Cross
Looking, staring at You LORD
My face was covered with Your Blood, 
Every drop of Blood that touched me
Penetrated into my flesh
I was alive, I felt it bring life within me
The life that was You LORD
Started rejuvenating me, 
Everything that was in me was rejuvenated.

I was a child before the Cross

My feet were standing on the Blood.
It penetrated right through my garments
I could not speak, could not cry.
I stood in awesome wonder remembering You my LORD.
An invisible force engulfed me
I felt the glory of Jehovah Adonai
My feet buckled
Hot tears,
run down my face
trying to remember why I was standing at this Cross
why was it so important for me to be here.
I could not remember my past
Flashes of a glorious wonderful future flashing in my Spirit.
This is what He did... 

rUTHS nOTE 8/3/2009