Saturday, 16 February 2019

PM Netanyahu was in Warsaw, Poland, for a US-Poland arranged meeting to discuss the security of the Middle East. No Western Europeans nations sent senior officials, but many Arab foreign ministers and others attended. Iran was seen as the greatest danger to all present, while the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was basically ignored. While there, Bibi spoke out about Poland's anti-Semitic past and the aid to the Nazis many Polish people gave during WW II. This was done even though the Polish government has passed a law saying it is illegal to accuse Poles of helping Nazis kill Jews in the Holocaust. Thank You for the boldness of Netanyahu to speak truth once again [Gal. 4:16]. Use Israeli leaders to continue to bring all modern historical lies into the light of truth [John 1:5]. We bless You that there are more Polish righteous gentiles honored in Yad Vashem – Israel's national Holocaust memorial – than from any other nation, proving that people can stand against evil [Eph. 6:13]. May many EU leaders be put to shame for both downplaying this conference, and also aiding Iran in its plans another Holocaust for the Jewish State 

[Psa. 83:1-5]. Forbid that Bibi returns in pride, but with a deep satisfaction of having taken a stand for the truth.

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