Saturday, 20 October 2018

in Katy Rybackie.

Therefore Go...
Stop, rewind.
 I remember as a child we used to watch this programme in Kenya called Dunai wiki hii [The World This Week]and this is where I heard of Lech Walesa.
 As I grew and matured in my Christian walk [walk with Christ], 
knew Poland was in my radar as one of the countries that God had impressed on my heart to Go. Thinking I would go into Warsaw but the Master Planner had other plans [Jeremiah 29:11].

Two years ago, at my friend's four-year-old daughters party, I meet this lady who had a heavy accent and I thought she was Russian. We bumped into each other, again this year; guessing this was the time the Lord had made for us, we talked and to my surprise, we had a lot in common; she was a born-again Christian and Polish. She asked me... what I knew of Poland And I quickly answered ...Lech Walesa and the late Pope, John Paul who was born there....she was happy and saw that it set her at peace and we quickly became fast friends.

Her husband, kids and herself had relocated back to Poland and she communed between Gdansk and Cambridge. She asked me to visit but the truth be told, I was waiting to hear from God, the green light was given one late Wednesday night.

The beauty of this story is that as Iza, her children and I went to visit her mother in Sztutowie, I was like Abba can You give me a known tongue and let it be Polish[Acts24-5 She talked in Polish, and Iza translated. She Inquired about my holiday, to my surprise I told her that it was not a holiday. I did not know why the Lord sent/allowed me to come...we all looked puzzled but I guess the Holy Spirit was already at play. She reminded me not to forget to visit the world II concentration camp at Stutthof, as I waited for my directions.

We visited Iza’s mum the next day and we all got chatting over sweet black tea, about Africa, God, missionaries and BOOM... Iza’s mum started talking about her maternal great-grandmother, grandmother [plus her siblings] who had been Nazi prisoner’s in a camp in Germany, but this is where the story gets interesting, this family was liberated by Black American soldiers, who fed them. After liberation, the family was moved and settled in Poland. According to personal records found by Iza’s mother after the death of this grandmother, she had been supporting missionaries in Africa, especially some two children.

I sat there in a mess of tears, 
I cried for this grandmother I never knew but,
 how faithful, how God is God.

In a village where there are hardly any people of colour, but after nearly a century… Hope...a seed that had been sown had travelled the world and it had somehow come back to Sztutowie, Poland.

I pray today in the name of our Father God 
that our precious Lord Jesus guide our steps 
on a path straight back to Himself. 
And may the Lord increase your love until it overflows 
toward one another and for all people, 
just as His love overflows toward you
 [1 Thessalonians 3:11-12]


Kingdom Invasion
We Pray for Laborers to be Ekballo'd into the Harvest Fields in Singapore
Begging for boldness to increase upon the body of Christ to proclaim the Gospel in simple obedience.
Luke 10:2


for Brazil, we speak/declare Habakkuk 3:2
That, we have heard of Your fame;
we stand in awe of Your deeds,
repeat them in our day, in Brazil
In our time make them known;
In wrath remember mercy.


Crowned and consecrated in fire You were,
watched You Jealously as a lover anticipating His Promise

2 Corinthians 11:2
Deuteronomy 4:24

Look at Me
No…look at My eyes
let the desire for the things
that are of My Father burn deep inside of You
Let Fire rekindle the passion that was birthed on You,
from the stone quarry, 
He called/formed/breathed You out off
Arise/shine and be a/the burning one for Me

Ruth's Note 3/18

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Sztutowie pamiętamy

in my Father's house there's a place for You

John 14:2...thy will be done…sitting on the beach at Kąty Rybacki [Poland], contemplating about this word, questioning the Holy Spirit on the wonder that is the Father as I enjoyed the view, the orange lit sky extending all the way, spearing down as it meets the sea. Thinking how this was left here for me/us to enjoy/ discovered in love [Genesis 1:1-28]. Feeling loved by God, as I meditated, breathing out as I communicated under my breath, in very short sentences…it was His will for me to be saved, words found me, people that prayed for souls, somewhere... only He knows….

I was lost in a sea of thought, and not being cocky but now know it was a window into the spiritual realm, I saw the sea rising up like a wall from the horizon, I was not filled with fear but a fear for the lost, I was so overwhelmed that I started shouting "Father not another tsunami, not here, Father”. I did not realize that I was standing at this point. I started asking the Holy Spirit what this meant. I felt the atmosphere change, something was happening, knew I needed to get into a prayer room [I tried to pray but I perceived in my spirit that I need to move…], it was not an evil presence but needed to find “my tribe of lions”, to agree in unity in prayer. I walked as fast as my legs would carry me, up the hill to the house at Kąty Rybackie, there was no one, I took my phone to call but for some reason, the network was down, I went to my room, as I cried just calling God into whatever was going on somewhere, but God knew [this was the first time that the spiritual umbrellas had gone up and knew with certainty it had nothing to do with my siblings].

I was up the whole night, calling on the comfort of God in whatever situation that was unfolding; anxious to know what was happening……come morning.

Well, we plan but the Lord had other plans as I got back home the next day to find Izabella waiting for me, informing me that some members of the church in Elblag would visit, including her mother and a few women were coming together with the owner of the villa I was staying as he and his wife were worship leaders; interested to know more about our friendship, faith and having a bible study, exploring the Presence. I went blank.
Tomasz came and played the guitar as his wife sang and worshipped in Polish, we all flowed, it was beautiful as the Holy Spirit moved amongst the eight of us, we were grateful for Jesus visiting us. As we finished using a translator, Tomasz asked us to pray for Guatemala, perplexed as to what happened, they narrated the events that unfolded on Sunday night Monday morning, all looking at me. You don’t know...Yes, a window a spiritual window and inkling something happened and when I heard Guatemala this resonated with my spirit. And still knew we needed to pursue and push this in prayer.

The following day called my friend Linda, she listened patiently, as she prayed and explained …maybe You felt the pain of all the lost souls.

I went back to the same beach but with different eyes and a renewed perspective; prayed for Guatemala…for Gods will to be done, it His will for souls to be saved, in unencountered cultures/places, unreached first nations tribes, where there are gods, known or unknown. The same Jesus called everything fourth, at creation. John [1:1-5], writing about Jesus, as the Word, He is the Word and He was with God, and this Word was God in the beginning. All things were made through Him, and without Him, nothing was made. In Him is life, and the Life, that is the light of men. He shines in the darkness, and the darkness will never overcome Him. Jesus is in these unreached nations of the world, even though they have not awakened to this reality.

God’s Presence was there first. He waits for us to reveal/pray His will to come. It is time for us to Come alive, it’s time to uncover the hidden darkness, for the Lords Glory to pierce through in Jesus name.